Guest House Additions

Overheard view of a guest house

When you’re in need of a guest house, Advantage Construction offers construction and remodeling work for residents in Las Vegas in Nevada. Have a safe and comfortable place for family, friends, and even renters to stay.

Build A New Place That Suits Your Needs

Our constructed guest houses can come in a variety of designs that suit your preferences and existing home style. We can help you design one that can accommodate different purposes.

  • In-Law Suite
  • Granny Flat
  • Backyard Or Garden Studio
  • Workshop
  • Casita
  • Rental Studio

Size That Works For You

We will work with you on the design to ensure it meets your needs. Maybe you just need a simple studio design with a single bedroom/bath, living room, and walk-in kitchen. Or a larger building with a master bedroom, master bathroom, and multiple extra rooms for relatives and their children traveling from all around the country might work better. We can ensure your guest house is up to all building codes while providing the right amount of space when people come to visit.

The Kind Of Privacy You Want

A guest house may be a stand-alone building on the property to offer optimal privacy for both your family and your guests or be connected to the main home. If you want options between fully disconnected and connected, we can do semi-connected as well. Our builder can install a breezeway with a simple roof to ward off the sun when moving between homes. You could also design the breezeway to be fully enclosed for more protection from the outside elements.

Remodel Into The Guest House Of Your Dreams

The inside of your guest house might be outdated, or you might need to expand the spaces to better accommodate your guests. We can fully redesign the house or make simple changes to modernize the interior. Let us add an extra bedroom or bath, expand the guest house outward, or completely change out the inside with an all-new one. We evaluate the existing structure and consult with you regarding the types of changes that will be made.

Quality Guest House Builders

Advantage Construction’s contractors make it their mission to provide quality work that can help increase your home value and make a safe, comfortable place for you. We take your design ideas and our construction experience to create the perfect guest house for your property. Contact us today to get your guest house on track.

Get Your Project Started

Our team can handle all your construction needs, from kitchen remodels to guest home additions. Contact us to schedule your consultation. 

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